Chocolate in the Afternoon


Stephen woke with his arms wrapped around something warm and soft. The something snuggled closer. His eyes flew wide as his crotch rubbed against her very firm derričre.

He considered rolling to the far side of the bed, but the thought of removing his arm from her waist and losing the sweet sensation of his manhood pressed against her bottom was more than he could bear.

He wanted to wake up like this the rest of his life.

Stephen moved away before she awoke, not wanting to frighten her. She had to trust him or he wouldn’t be able to help. And he wanted to protect her from everyone—everything—always...

Elizabeth sat bolt upright. Her stomach grumbled as she inhaled the tantalizing scent of eggs, bread, and marmalade. She’d not eaten the previous day. Her only thought, as her uncle dragged her around town, was to escape him.

She had, but what had she gotten herself into? She’d spent the night in a man’s bed! Albeit the situation was innocent, she was ruined.

The chamber door opened. He filled the doorway, clad in breeches and a white linen shirt.

“’Tis time you dress. We must reach the bank before your uncle.”

“I will. Thank you for the breakfast. I was famished.”

“I remembered your stomach growling when you broke the law last night.” His blue eyes glinted with merriment.

“I did no such thing. I—“

“Ate chocolate in my carriage. I’ve debated if I should turn you over to the authorities.”

“You wouldn’t! You promised you’d—“

“Take care of you. I remember quite well. I’m just not certain why I made that promise.”

“I can care for myself.” Her lower lip quivered. “If you will excuse me, I will freshen myself, dress, and be on my way. Thank you for the food. And the place to sleep.”

Stephen saw a blush rise to her cheeks.

“But…did we…did you…?”

He burst out laughing. “Dear Lord, you are an innocent. Had I done anything, you would definitely know.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.” Her cheeks were crimson.

“Obviously,” he teased, motioning to her clothes, laid neatly across the stool at the base of the bed.

“Dress. We must hurry to the bank.”

When she came downstairs, Stephen held his breath. Her hair cascaded in curls. Her dress was slightly wrinkled, but he doubted many people would notice. ~~~

©2005 Leanne L. Burroughs



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