The Lady's Cowboy


Maybe he was a lunatic.

“You really think anyone is going to believe this?” Jessica looked over her shoulder to view her image in the cheval mirror.

Hank thought he might swallow his tongue. Looking at Jessica’s cute butt in a pair of his breeches was almost more than he could bear. Thoughts of him running his hands over that soft looking derričre flittered through his mind.

Focus, Beaumont, focus. He hunted for the floppiest hat he had and plopped it on Jessica’s head. “Pile your hair up under the hat and pull it down over your eyes. And whatever you do, don’t stop walking, and don’t talk to anyone on the way out.”

“Hank, the breeches are falling down. I can’t fasten my hair up and hold the breeches at the same time.” Her soft, chocolate hued eyes pleaded with him for help. Hank groaned. Was nothing about this woman simple?

After hunting around the room, he finally found a short piece of rope to hold up the breeches. He held it out to her.

“Hank, I’m still trying to put my hair under the hat. Can’t you do it?”

She’s killing me. Lord, help! I don’t talk to you as often as I know I should, but I vow, if I have to touch this woman again, without Your help, we might not make it out of the room.

Moving forward, he stood an arm’s length away. No, this was not going to work. How could he fasten this without touching her? He stepped closer. Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue edged out to moisten her lips. Her eyes met and held his. He was going to die.

Groaning, he closed the distance between them. Wrap-ping his arms around her, he eased the rope from her back around to the front. Slowly he drew the two ends together, tying them in a knot. Just as she was shredding his heart and tying it into pieces.

His arms tightened around her as her eyes met his in expectation. Lowering his mouth to hers…he straightened and cursed. “We can’t do this!”

Pulling her behind him, they headed to the hallway and down the stairs.

Thank goodness all the girls are still asleep. If one of them saw Jessie, they’d never be fooled.

“Follow me. Stay right behind me and keep your head down. And remember, don’t talk to anyone. When we get in the hotel, do not stop. Head directly to your room and I’ll stay downstairs and go into the dining room. Once you change clothes, come downstairs and meet me there. Then we’ll talk.”

He started to turn the corner to head down the stairs.


Sighing, he faced Jessica. “What now?”

She searched his eyes, then stood on tiptoe and brushed her lips against his. “Thank you.”

His heart slammed against his chest. He couldn’t speak. Could barely breathe. Without another word, he continued down the stairs. She’d best be behind him, because he wasn’t stopping. If he did, he’d sweep her off her feet and back upstairs to his bed.

And wouldn’t that look good for anyone in the saloon who might see them?

©2007 Leanne L. Burroughs




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