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Céad Míle Fáilte

100,000 Welcomes to my site, where dreams come true and a journey into time is only a page away. Join me as we cross the threshold to a time of kings and their queens, knights and their ladies, castles and moats, warriors and the women brave enough to love them.

A sojourn through endless battles, strife between countries, feuds between clans, but above all...love everlasting.

While most visits will be to Scotland, Ireland and England, we won't limit ourselves. We'll venture to Norway with rugged Vikings, the Continent with some handsome hero, and who knows, some dashing man from the United States might sweep us off our feet and entice us there as well.

So, I invite you to enter with me as we take an endless trip to the wonders of the past...where dreams come true and love is forever.


I Love Writing Historical Romances

The venue changes, depending on my mood - I currently love and write Scottish, Viking, English, and American Historical Westerns. I'm looking forward to writing the Colonial period soon. The history in all these periods is awesome. I want people to fall in love with history - not think of it as merely the class they 'had' to take in high school.

I also have many short stories and novellas that are all in the historical genre - two are Scottish Medieval  and Regency. The rest are American historicals - from World War II, the Great Depression, The Great Crash of 1929, all the way up to the 1960s. Every story is in an awesome anthology with other extremely talented authors, as well as being offered as stand alone stories.

If you think you're too busy and don't have enough time to read a full book in this hectic world we live in, then please check out my short stories and novellas. They'll give you that brief time you need to relax and enjoy life, and then you can go back to your busy life, fully relaxed.

Although, you may not want to stop once you get started. In that case, by all means keep reading the other authors' stories in the anthologies. You'll be glad you did. After all, we all need to take care of ourselves and relax a little.

Scottish Romances Were My First Books

HIGHLAND WISHES and its sequel, HER HIGHLAND ROGUE, were my first Scottish books. Highland Wishes is the book of my heart, but I love them both. The two are national and international award winners. Something I'm extremely proud of. Since the two original books were published, I've rewritten 'sweet romance' versions of them - HIGHLAND MIRACLE and HER HIGHLAND DESTINY.

I researched for a solid year to ensure the history in these books was as accurate as I could possibly make it. And visiting Scotland to see all the places I had researched was one of the highlights of my life! It also led me to something else I love doing - researching our geneology. I started with Tom's, since he's Scottish (and Irish, and English)

Every place we visited and passed through was simply beautiful, and the people in this awesome country are the friendliest I've ever met. (Although I did have problems understanding them a 'few' times.) Regardless, thank you to all of them. Went back two other times because I loved it so much and wanted to do more research for future books. 

You wouldn't believe how many pictures I took! Totally fell in love with photography. See, one thing led to another. We stayed in two castles and many bed and breakfasts. I absolutely LOVE the full Scottish breakfast, and the oatmeal is the best in the world. A special thank you to all the people we stayed with while we were there.

Be sure to check out the version you prefer. Both books are available in print and eBook (at most online retailers).

Love Viking Romances?


Then you'll want to look at my rugged Vikings. The first book in the series is a time travel, which was a joy to write. I've given my hero many brothers and sisters that will eventually star in their own books.

I loved visiting Norway. Sadly, I didn't see any men that looked like the Viking heroes I envisioned for my books. The fjords and the vistas of the countryside are beyond beautiful. I can't imagine a country more beautiful. And just like Scotland, the history of the country is simply amazing.

Speaking of Vikings, they weren't just in Norway. They were all over Scandinavia and traveled many places, but the two I'm hoping to capture first will be Ireland, and York in England. Both have a huge Viking influence. The second book in the series will have one of the brothers traveling to Ireland.

The Viking Book is currently available in both regular and Christian Versions. The Christian version is THE MAN OF HER DREAMS, and the traditional version is MY DREAM CAME TRUE.

Can't Go Wrong With Westerns!


Cowboys are rugged, sexy, and caring. (Well, at least the ones in my stories are.) Luke Guylenhall's story is THE RANCHER'S SOUTHERN BELLE. But you won't be reading about just the men who went West. You'll also learn about all the strong women who struggled along with them to adapt to the harsh environs as opposed to lives of luxury they may have known in the East. Or all the things they had to leave behind just to lighten the loads they were carrying. Family heirlooms may have been lost, but our country grew because of their continued fortitude.

Luke also has a bunch of brothers. Some we met in the first book - Matthew and Sam. Some are still to be introduced. 

Be looking for the sequels. The first one will be about Matthew. It's called THE SHERIFF'S MAIL ORDER BRIDE. Another book will be about his youngest brother, Sam. The tentative name for it is THE COWBOY'S SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE.

Most American Stories Start In the East

So while our hero or heroine might not stay there, I still have to carefully research the town or area they came from so it can be described in the story while the person is still there - or telling someone about it later in the story.

Non-Fiction Books Are Even More Difficult than Fiction

At least for me they are. They take soooo much time.

Still, I currently have three non-fiction books to help writers - both published and aspiring - when they hit a road block.

Check out the current three in the Historical Phrase Book Series - The Regency/Medieval Series, The Historical/Viking Series, and The Scottish/Herbal Series. 

Each book has something for everyone. Think you don't write in the genre? Look at the Viking section and you'll realize many of the phrases can be used for Scottish Writers, too - and vice versa. Of course, many of the tags are theme specific, but you can just ignore those for your own purposes.

Also, each book has some tags that complement the other books. Be sure to collect all three. I've tried to ensure the phrases in each book are different, but there may be some cross-overs.

Short Stories and Novellas

Some people love to read, but don't think they have time to spend reading.

If they're like me, once I start reading, everything else goes by the wayside - including going to sleep. I just can't bring myself to go to bed before the story's over.

So, for people like you - and me - there are short stories and novellas. Each story is in a delightful anthology with other great authors. In addition, the stories are available as stand alone stones.

The full e-books and individual stories are available at all online outlets.

I'd greatly appreciate if you left a review for all my stories - both short and long! 

Coming Soon!

The next book in the Guylenhall Family Series will be Matthew's story.

Matthew has a secret he's kept from everyone about his past. Because of it, he's vowed never to love a woman or ever marry.

What happens when the beautiful Alexandra Templeton comes crashing into his life looking for the man she thought to marry? The man who'd been killed in a saloon brawl two weeks earlier.




After that, be watching for Sam's story. After his wife dies, he reluctantly leaves his baby daughter with his brother Luke and his wife Maddie.

He's not ready to face life without his beloved wife and basically runs away to find out how he can keep living.

The tentative title for that book is THE COWBOY'S SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE.



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