I never thought I would find a book like this. Most research or phrase books are all geared toward contemporary writers. When I saw this I was thrilled beyond reason, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Having received it, I can now say I can't praise this enough. I don't typically 'gush' over books, but THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK - SCOTTISH-HERBAL EDITION has far exceeded all my expectations. I totally recommend this to all Scottish authors.

~ Mary Winstone

Pleasantly Delighted

I have several contemporary phrase books and have been well pleased with them. But when I stumbled across this Regency-Medieval book, I had to try this. How I wish I would have found it before. Would have made things much easier for me.  I hope this will spur me to now complete my manuscript and start submitting to publishers.

~ Betty Simmons

Thank You for Compiling These Wonderful Books

A friend of mine told me about THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK - Western-Viking Edition and I had to try it for myself. I'm really glad I did. I'm thinking of trying a Scottish story, so I'm going to get that book, too. I think the Herbal portion might help me with whichever genre I try writing. Thankfully, since I know absolutely nothing about herbs.

~ Cindy Blackthorn

Plethora of Herbal Remedies

The newest edition of THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK has been really helpful. For contemporary readers, you go to the medicine cabinet and grab an Aspirin. For historical characters, they didn't have Aspirin, or Tylenol, or Motrin. They used herbs, and for most of us nowadays, we don't have a clue what they used. This new book - the Scottish-Herbal Edition - helps with just that. Thanks for giving us such great ideas!

~ Bethany Truda

Trying to Learn 'Regency Speak'?

THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK - REGENCY-MEDIEVAL EDITION will help you do just that. I don't write stories set during the medieval period, but having all this Regency information makes the book worthwhile.

~ Tiffany Dane

Viking Phrase Book

I have seen lots of information (mostly online) geared toward Western writers, but this is the first Viking book I have seen. I'm delighted to keep this close to my computer.

~ Liz Sebastian