Scotsman...Take Me Away

I can't speak for anyone else, but I read to escape mundane, everyday life. This book fulfilled my needs. There is nothing quite like the thought of a man in a kilt to make me forget there are bills to be paid and groceries to be bought. This book was filled with men in kilts, the most prominent (naturally) being the hero...a man we could ladies could probably all fall in love with. While I admit, the heroine did get on my nerves on occasion, it wasn't to the point where it made me close the book. After all, had I had her earlier life, I might be much the same way. She gained my sympathy and understanding. Overall, if you are looking to escape for a wee bit of time, this book will do the trick for you!

~ I Am Celt

Perfect Book

What a great Book. I read over 1000 romance books over time..mostly Historical and Paranormal romance. So sometimes it is hard for me to find a good book to read....I read good ones and not so good ones.....this will be a keeper..well done..give it a try ..u will love it..I will read more books from this Author.

~ Icebear

Very Pleasing Little Story

Is this "literature" at it's best? No, but I do not think Leanne Burroughs meant for it to be.  It's a very easy fast read, and quite enjoyable.  You know the characters immediately, and become very interested in knowing what is going to happen.  I liked it.  Most of the books I read are historical, or old french, english, and russian authors.  This gets a little tedious after a while, so her book was truly refreshing.  Someone just coming into historical fiction, or romance should give a book like this a try.

~ Nicholette Gutillo

Fantastic Scottish Historical

Newer author Leanne Burroughs sets HIGHLAND WISHES, her debut historical romance novel in Scotland and England, 1294.  Along with an intensely passionate and sensual love story filled with memorable characters you will both love and hate, you'll find a plethora of historical particulars focusing on some of the famous battles fought for Scotland's independence.

Our hero, Grant Drummond returned to his home after learning of his father's murder and was determined to slay the man responsible.  That raid led him to the castle of Gerald Blackstone, where he slaked his vengeance - then unbeknownst to him, kidnapped the man's daughter, Victoria (Tory) Blackstone, thinking her a servant of the manor.

On the that fateful night, Tory was attempting her own escape from the cruel father who detested her so much, he'd gone ahead and betrothed her to an equally vile man who'd already killed two of his wives.  Determined to find true love she was thwarted in her escape by falling into the hands of a `dreaded Scot'.  Sworn off of love, Grant would often in the coming days question his unusual decision in taking so lovely a captive - a captive who both exasperated him and was slowly but surely capturing his heart.

---  Written with an undeniable love of Scotland, and her history, this author gifts the reader with a passionate tale of love between two people who the fates graciously brought together.  Tory was a seriously wounded young woman and the authors treatment of the healing love Grant brought into her life was positively brilliant.  You'll laugh, you'll cry in this deeply moving, and fully robust tale of the many struggles towards happily ever after.  This is a fantastic Scottish historical romance that fans of the genre should not miss!!!

~ Marilyn Rondeau

Scottish Romance At Its Best

Heart wrenching. Heart warming. Amusing and witty. These were just a few impressions running through me as I read "Highland Wishes" by Leanne Burroughs. Scottish history and many remarkable characters abound in this first novel by the author. The characters that really reach out and grab the attention though are the hero and heroine, two opposing strong-willed people that forge an unsteady alliance on a path to peaceful love.

Victoria Blackstone seeks a way out from the brutal hand of her father. Determined to take no further abuse, she leaves one night only to be taken by Grant Drummond, a Scots laird set on vengeance. Horrified to be taken captive, Victoria is set on holding her own with the imposing and pig headed man. What follows is a battle of English will and Scots stubbornness. Who will win out? Who will hold out the longest? Who will fall in love first? Despite the foul treatment she's received all her life, Victoria is no English rose to wilt at the first sign of trouble. She's a rose with thorns and she's a survivor. Grant must learn to come to terms with his reasons for claiming the formidable lass as well as the ghosts of his past. As he wages his own efforts in the Scottish War for Independence, will he realize all that he holds dear can be found right in his own hall?

A good sign of a well-written book is the emotions it draws out in the reader, if it's capable of doing so. I felt put through the emotional wringer while reading this book. Good, strong characters had me bouncing back and forth from nervous to excited, sad to happy and tearful to joyful. Victoria is a product of abuse that despite all has triumphed. Her character has many admirable traits that readers love to find in their heroines. Grant himself was a man at odds at times--unyielding and stoic, yet capable of great compassion and endless patience for his stubborn captive as her life story unfolds. Good secondary characters add to the hero and heroines dilemma without detracting from them, a hard thing to do in a book this length. Burroughs has created her own niche in the Scottish historical novel with this first installment, bringing to readers a pleasing read to while away the time with. Her style is unique, her voice different and pleasantly nice to read. A great book I could not put down! Look for "Her Highland Rogue", sequel and story of Duncan MacThomas, available from Highland Press.

~ KMont

Wow...What A Tremendous Read

Leanne Burroughs' Highland Wishes far surpassed my highest expectations for any romance novel. Victoria Blackstone, a real woman who deals with more than her fair share of troubles, abuse and, finally, love, grabbed me as a woman who would stand up and fight for what and who she wants, using a kind, forgiving and tireless heart and spirit to accomplish her goals. Grant Drummond, a man's man in every way, is not only handsome and virile, but a man who has respect, admiration and a big heart. He proves, over and over, that love is not simply declared once and forgotten, it is lived and proven every day, in many, many ways. It is said that war is hell, but falling in love amidst gruesome battles, injury and death is even more treacherous, although Tori and Grant finally find Heaven amongst the fighting, turmoil and uncertainty of late Thirteen Century Scotland.

Burroughs' characters are not merely fictional acquaintances, they are now dear friends who will live in my memory forever. Reading this novel was like watching an edge-of-your-seat made me cry in anger and happiness, inspired me to believe the best in others and I had to stop and clap in sheer pleasure more than once. Fabulously crafted, masterfully told and written like one who had lived in Castle Drummond, instead of one who has only been there in spirit, heart and pen, Leanne Burroughs has earned her place in the tomes of exceptional historical romance novels.

~ Aysel Arwen

Romance At Its Best

Highland Wishes is the first book of two, and, I hope many more historical novels set in Scotland by Leanne Burroughs.  The hero (Grant Drummond) and heroine (Tory Blackstone) belong together and I couldn't help but root for their HEA right from the very beginning.  Grant is the gruff, alpha male but he can't resist the kind-hearted Tory, his match in every way.  I loved this book--its heart and soul stayed with me many days after I finished it.  I highly recommend Highland Wishes to anyone who loves classic historical romance.

~ Kindle Addict

Moving and Passionate Tale From Scotland

A friend gave me Highland Wishes for my birthday. She couldn't stop raving about it. I accepted it with thanks and put it on my shelf. While leaving on a business trip, I threw in my bag instead of the book I intended to read. I had not read a medieval Scottish tale since college and I didn't like them then. Unable to get another book 30000 feet up over the Pacific Ocean, I started to read this wonderfully passionate tale. As I winged my way west, I read Highland wishes and was transported to Medieval Scotland.

Victoria (Tori) Blackstone is a wellborn English with a cruel father. She survived in spite of him and is determined to escape his control as well as the control of man he chose for her husband.

Grant is Scottish warrior returned from the Scottish War of Independence to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Gerald Blackstone. He sacks the Blackstone Castle and captures a beautiful, but broken woman, Tori. Grant's need for vengeance grows exponentially as he falls in love with Tori and learns of the cruelty she endured from her father.

As Scotland struggles for independence from England, Grant and Tori struggle and finally win independence and love together.

The research made the setting of time and place come alive. Ms. Burroughs converted this contemporary reader into a historical reader and my husband may never forgive her. On our next move, the US Navy will find several additional crates filled with historicals, and I hope many more books by Leanne Burroughs.

~ Sophia Roberts

Feminists Beware

This story is both beautiful and brutal.

Written in the time of Edward "Longshank's" campaign to beat Scottland into submission, this story is alive with Highland castle life. I enjoyed the intimate look at many Scottish traditions as Tory, our English-bred heroine, is assimilated into life at Drummond Keep.

I have to admit that my 2006 sense of gender rights was seriously offended many times throughout this tale. Unlike so many stories of this genre, Ms Burroughs's plot kept a sense of brutal honesty that looked beyond the fairy-tale notion of chivalry and plunged deep into the mud, muck, and mire of pre-modern war.

Tory, both old and innocent at 17, has been legally abused and humiliated by her father. She gathers her battered spirit to run away when he promises her to a known wife-killer. Her freedom doesn't last past the stables however, as she is captured and enslaved by raiding Scotts.

Grant, is quickly protective of his troubled (and often in trouble) captive to the confusion of his people. However, he is a bit slow to open his heart and fight for what is truly important to him.

Both learn trust. Tory learns self-respect. Grant learns to forgive himself. All amidst lots of love and some great side characters.

Overall I was very satisfied with Highland Wishes.

~ Deborah Wolf

Heartfelt Delight From First Page to Last

I find I am reading less and less historicals, but because they don't seem to do too many of the old style historical romances.  Historical romances from the middle 90s are more like historical fiction today.  Labels, sigh, whatever.  I know what I enjoy and it's a tale of love set against the rich tapestry of history.

What a warm book. You feel for Tori and Grant.  I fell in love with Grant and spent way too much time wanting to smack him and kiss him.

~ Dorrianne Reynolds

The best historical romance I have read so far

I couldn't believe this was the authors first book. From the first page until the last she had you hooked. I couldn't put the book down and was very sorry to see the story end.

The story takes place in Scotland during the time of William Wallace and before Culloden. It is filled with a rich sense of history. The pictures the author paints with her words about that time period makes you feel like you are there and living it with the characters.

The author did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. You felt their pain and their joys. She made you laugh with them and cry with them. I felt like the people in the story were my family.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in history or has a love for Scottish stories. Several of my friends have read my copy and feel the same way. I can not wait for her next book to come out. In fact after reading this book I am finding it very hard to get interested in any other book.

~ Jennifer Myers

Amazing Debut Book

I swiped this book from my cousin when I was visiting her last month.  She'd "borrowed" it from her sister, who lifted her from her niece.  Likely she made free with her aunt's copy.  Showing the ladies in the family (Scots, mind you) enjoyed Burroughs' debut book.

As with all debut writers you might see a little room for a wee bit of polish, but what comes through most is Burroughs obvious love for Scotland and it's history.

I really enjoyed this tale and off to "borrow" her second book from some family member.

~ Anne Montgomerie

Five Stars

One of my favorite authors. Love everything she has written.

~ Kindle Customer

Wickedly Powerful

In a stunning sequel to Burroughs HIGHLAND WISHES, the reader will find a powerfully emotional and passionate love story that focuses on Duncan McThomas, who was introduced in that novel.

As Duncan is summoned home by his father he is informed that, for the good of his clan, he has been betrothed to and will marry an English heiress Catherine Gillingham.  Not only is this a `fait accompli' by his detested father, but decreed so by the English King "Longshanks".  For the good of his clan, he'd do his duty, marry and bed the lass, but then he would leave her, never to return!  In a huff, he traveled to England and married the lass taking care to not even look at her. When he finally did get around to taking a good look at her, Duncan grudgingly had to admit he did not expect to find Catherine quite so appealing.  Duncan took his time getting to `know' her well, before he consummated their union, and their trip home was more than leisurely with many stops along the way. Duncan hated to admit he truly liked her company, but stubbornly his plans were made.

Catherine was no more anxious to marry Duncan than he was to marry her, but on the journey home she thought there was a real chance for happiness.  Unfortunately, on her arrival her hopes were shattered when Duncan promptly announced he was leaving and would not return! Then he quickly left before the attraction he felt grew any stronger leaving him vulnerable and open for heartbreak.

Duncan was a terribly wounded soul who had lost all faith in love and no longer trusted that emotion, as much as he wanted it to be real.  Abandoned as a child by his father, then again by his first wife - he couldn't trust any love he felt for Cat to admit to, or risk being left again.  Stubbornly Duncan would leave first before any feelings he'd developed left him open to that kind of pain. Only the fates would play a hand in showing him how wrong that decision was, as an old demented enemy stalked Duncan and Catherine ready to destroy any happiness they might achieve before they could confess to what their hearts knew best.

*** Against the sweeping backdrop of Scotland's war of independence, this author continues an epic of a heart wrenching, and positively beautiful love story.  Duncan and Catherine were painstakingly developed with such realism that you'll be sharing their emotional journey. At its very heart you'll share the love, the joy, the anguish, and the tears.  Along the way, you'll revisit old friends, gain new ones, and thoroughly wish the story would never end.  Burroughs gifts you with a terrific story, straight from her heart to yours!  A most excellent novel that I whole-heartedly recommend!

~ Marilyn Rondeau

Historical Adventure of Love and Foregiveness

Love and Forgiveness are interwoven in this fabulous tale from Leanne Burroughs, award-winning author of Highland Wishes

In an effort to bind Scotland to England, Edward Longshanks, England's ruthless king, has marriages arranged between British sovereigns to Scotland's own. Short of money and a desire not to have their land overrun by England, Scotland's noble men and women have no recourse but to accept the forced conjugations. One such marriage contract is arranged by the fathers of Duncan MacThomas and Catherine Gillingham.

Duncan is appalled that his father who abandoned him at a young age to be foster-raised, a common practice among Scottish lairds, would stoop to such an arrangement. Nevertheless, fulfilling his father's contract with the English Gillingham, he marries Catherine, but walks away from her at the altar immediately after the ceremony is completed. Not before noting, however, her beauty before he made his exit. Abandoned by his father, abandoned by his first wife, he swears loyalty only to himself and his clan and will not risk abandonment by loving again. On the trip back to Scotland, he discovers he actually likes his new wife and an emotional bonding forges during the physical coupling he teaches her.

Catherine, none too happy about the arranged marriage herself, leaves her comfortable English surroundings to move to Duncan's rustic Highland home. A gentle soul, raised to perform to the best of her abilities, no matter the circumstances, she wins the hearts of all those in Duncan's fiefdom, except the one she most learns to care about. Her husband, Her devastatingly handsome Highland Rogue.

Upon arriving in Scotland, Duncan's personal devils assail him and the thing he fears most he commits. Catherine becomes pregnant and he rides off abandoning her when she needs him the most. Pregnant, hurt and confused she returns to her parents' home in England. An unknown enemy nearly takes her life and Duncan barely arrives in time to save her. She returns to the Scottish clanspeople who have come to love her, only now she has her own scars that need healing in addition to help heal those of her husband.

Mrs. Burroughs has penned a poignant story rich with historical conflict, emotional trauma, unforgettable, lovable characters, and lessons on endurance. The detail given to Scottish history is captured in Mrs. Burroughs picturesque prose. In reading her book, I felt like the little boy who said `I'd rather read than see a movie. I see so much more.'

~ Patty Howell

Intense Love Affair...From Beginning to End

Leanne Burroughs' Her Highland Rogue was utterly intense, from beginning to end. Catherine and Duncan MacThomas' passion blazes out of control from the very first pages, but is unexpectedly extinguished by a festering hatred from Duncan's past. Faced with the dying embers of their love, the two have to rekindle their romance one blazing night at a time or risk an eternity alone. Their destination, finding true love, is the same, but Cat and Duncan must travel very different roads to arrive at the door to their soul mate's heart.

Burroughs is a master at taking readers through a gamut of emotions, wrenching tears from hearts and eyes more than once. She lets us experience each romance by introducing characters we would chose for friends and a few we wish were a bit more than that. Her Highland Rogue is an exceptional compliment to Ms. Burroughs' first book, Highland Wishes, and continues the heartfelt love stories that abound in the Scottish Highlands.

~ Aysel Arwen

She Has Done It Yet Again!

If you haven't read her first book Highland Wishes you defenitely need to. The book captures you and sends you back in time to Scotland from the first page. This book is no different.

From the very first page you are back in Scotland during the 1300's. Scotland is still fighting for its independence. The main characters in this story are no different.

From the very first meeting between Catherine and Duncan you can feel the chemistry. The author develops these character with love and humor. You want to laugh and cry with them. There are even times you wish you could grab them through the book and shake them. She makes you love them and feel like you are there with them.

This is the second book she has written and as wonderful as her first. This book is a must read for any fan of historical fiction.

~ Jennifer Myers