Norway is Awesome

We traveled the country with an awesome tour guide. She was actually from Sweden, but did many Norwegian tours. She told the people working at the hotels that I was writing a book and they all pitched in to help me come up with my hero's name! 

Seeing the blue of iceberg's was amazing. Because Tom has neuropathy in his legs and feet, he can't feel cold. We walked up to one of the icebergs and had our picture taken. Of course, he had shorts on! No one there could believe it. :-) 

Coming Books

The next book will be about one of Agnar's brothers. He'll be traveling to Ireland to see if he can claim some land. In the process, he finds a land traumatized by Danes. Can he help them to heal? Does he want to? Or does he just want to claim his own land and mind his own business?

A Land of True Beauty

Once we got outside of Oslo, Norway was absolutely everything we could ever want to see - fjords, glaciers, snow covered mountains. It was simply gorgeous. Everything was awe-inspiring.  Both the Gierangerford and the Sonjeford were breathtaking.

We truly didn't want to come home.

Stave Churches

The Stave churches in Norway are brilliantly made. There are many gorgeous churches in many countries, but these were totally unique.

Bergen Hanseatic Wharf

Bergen was lovely. Soooo colorful. And the Hanseatic Society was one of my favorite places in Norway. It had lifesize figurines from days of olde that looked absolutely real.

The Flam Railway

This was sooo cool. It not only went backward, it went through gorgeous countrysides.

Oslo - Norway's Capitol

Oslo wasn't our favorite place, but it did have several interesting places. The Kon Tiki Museum with its Thor Heyerdahl display was really interesting.

Viking Ship Museum

I absolutely LOVED the Viking Ship Museum. Part of this ship - the Oseberg - is from the original ship and part is recreated. Amazing! I didn't want to leave. But, before I left I made certain to touch the original part of the ship. And when I wrote my Viking time travel, this ship plays a big part in the story.

Akershus Palace

While it's definitely showing signs of wear, being inside this royal palace of auld made my imagination soar.

Loved the Food

I enjoyed most of the food we ate, but Tom loved it. Especially the cold, fresh fruit. One of the things they had to convince me to try was the reindeer. Since I don't eat Bambi (aka deer) at home, I'' admit I was a little hesitant. Have to admit it wasn't bad in stew, though.


A Must Read for All Time Travel Lovers

I read to forget the present for awhile and experience a new adventure. Mrs. Burrough's new time travel " Man Of Her Dreams" not only fulfilled my need to escape but took me to an Era and Country I'd never imagined. Through her extensive research and excellent storytelling ability, I lived the entire story as if I actually was a part of that long ago time. "Man of Her Dreams" has it all, adventure, a little mystery and a lot of real life drama and romance set in the time when Vikings roamed the earth. Sit back, relax and expect to be taken on an adventure that will leave you wishing time travel was a reality. Loved this story from the  first page to the last. "Man of her Dreams" is a five star read for any fiction lover.

~ Susan Sweet

An Unnasta Of Your Own

THE MAN OF HER DREAMS by Leanne Burroughs is a delightful dip in the waters that bear ancient Viking ships from blood-soaked beaches to life-changing love. From modern day Florida to the days of the formidable Norse conquerors, Burroughs introduces us to Agnar and Miranda—two of the most unlikeliest lovers in any century. From slave to sweetheart, Miranda is tossed into a time and world far from her own, tethered to reality by a handsome Viking that floods her nighttime dreams. Agnar catches a beautiful woman in the act of harming his ship—would she do any less to his life or his heart? Their love might have been kindled by the prayers of many, but it ignites through to-the-death battles, a desperate search for lost little ones, and the binding together of two broken people God chooses to bless despite their pasts. The Man of Her Dreams will have you looking for an ‘unnasta’ of your own.
~ Aysel Arwen, Author

Great Book

I have enjoyed all of Leanne Burroughs romance books, This new one MY DREAM CAME TRUE is certainly one of her best. Could not put it down, I cannot wait for her next ones to come out. Any one that is familiar with Viking lore will love it.There is a Christian  version version and a alternate version. Well written. Can't wait for the next one about Agnar's brothers and sisters.

~ Jessie Lee Lindsay