The Rancher's Southern Belle

I love Christian westerns and Ms. Burroughs fully delivered on that in her first western. Luke and Maddie were delightful opposites in this post Civil War story. We were introduced to other family members and I can't wait to read Luke's brothers 'and sister's stories. Kudos on a great job.

~ Amanda Fulton

The Rancher's Southern Belle

I love Civil War stories, and although this is book is set after the Civil War ended, it had enough details scattered throughout the book to make it very enjoyable. I loved the honesty of North and South adjusting to the other. As portrayed, I imagine it was very difficult for each side.

~ Nichole Husinger

The Rancher's Southern Belle - Luke's Story

I am pleased I found this story. I hadn't read this author before, but will be certain to read her other Christian stories now. Westerns are my favorites, and I can't wait to read about the rest of her family in the future.

~ Katie Philpot